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Your employees pose a real risk to your organization since they can unintentionally fall for cybersecurity attacks. Keep your employees educated on cybersecurity threats and topics to reduce the risk of them falling for a malicious attack.

Keep Employees Engaged

Security Awareness Education is the foundation for any cybersecurity awareness initiative. We believe that the best way to create a well-rounded security awareness program for your organization is through both education and assessment. Education can only be effective if employees retain the information and can apply what they've learned. To do this, TraceEducation ties directly in with TracePhishing, our phishing simulator, to direct employees that fail a phishing test to an education course on preventative best practices.

Each TraceEducation course includes a video on the latest cybersecurity trends, along with a quiz to ensure your users are paying attention and retaining the information. The courses cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics such as phishing, working from home, onsite visitors, safe internet browsing, and more.

Jim Stickley

Content Created by a Cybersecurity Pioneer

All of our course material is created by well-known cybersecurity expert: Jim Stickley. Stickley has been involved in thousands of security services for financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, healthcare facilities, legal firms, and insurance companies. He's been featured on several programs like NBC's "The Today Show", CNN's "Newsnight", Anderson Cooper's "Anderson" and more. He's also the author of the book "The Truth about Identity Theft" and has been a consultant for various networks, including FOXnews, CBS, NBC and the Associated Press.

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