The Cybersecurity Educational Platform. 

Employees Are Your Greatest Risk. Raise Awareness. Lower Risk.

Your employees pose a real risk to your organization since they can unintentionally fall for cybersecurity attacks. Keep your employees educated on cybersecurity threats and  topics with TraceEDU, a comprehensive online training suite packed with courses, videos, games and quizzes. With TraceEDU employees stay engaged and retain more information, leading to lower risk. 

Keep Employees Engaged

Solid education is the proper foundation of any cybersecurity awareness initiative. As described in our methodology, we believe that the best way to create a well-rounded security awareness program for your organization is through both education and assessment. Without being able to assess your educational program, its difficult to know how you are improving over time. This is why TraceEDU comes with TracePhishing, these platforms tie into each other and give you the ability to keep employees engaged throughout the year. 

Education that Works

Education can only be effective if employees retain the information and can apply what they've learned. TraceEDU facilitiates this by being a comprehensive, multi-course online training suite featuring content produced by cybersecurity experts. TraceEDU is packaged into TracePhishing and allows employees that fail a phishing test to immediately be assigned a training course. These TraceEDU courses are specifically tailored to train phishing fails, and is an integral part of TracePhishing. 

TraceEDU Premium is the second tier of EDU, and includes new comprehensive courses every quarter. Premium also includes the ability to add or customize courses to suite your organization's needs. Once you sign up, we’ll work with you enroll your employees and assign the appropriate courses — topics range from “Secure Web Browsing” to “Protecting Confidential Information” to identifying malware via e-mail attachments. We believe so highly in an integrated Security Awareness program that we recommend TraceEDU Premium added to any TracePhishing program. 

TraceEDU Features Include:

  • Select Education Courses

    Select Education Courses

    Tied in with TracePhishing, these courses focus on remote social engineering training such as phishing and vishing.

  • Automatically Assign Courses

    Automatically Assign Courses

    When an employee fails a phishing attempt, they can be automatically redirected to our security awareness courses focused on identifying malicious emails.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting

    See who's completed the Training, who still needs to complete the training, and which questions are the most missed. Measure the effectiveness of your security awareness program. 

  • Security Education Courses

    Premium Security Education Courses

    Our comprehensive selection of education courses are fully customizable to support your organizations initiatives. In addition, we provide new quarterly courses to keep your organization up to date on the latest cyber threats. 

  • Security Awareness Articles

    Premium Security Awareness Articles

    Our articles included with courses cover recent security events and concerns, and assist with keeping users up to date on relevant cybersecurity threats. 

  • Customizable Training Courses

    Premium Customizable Training Courses

    With TraceEDU Premium, you can select exactly which courses your employees get, and eve  customize those courses to remove or add content that you feel is pertinent to that particular exercise. You can also create your own courses for the ultimate customization.

  • Interactive Educational Games 

    Premium Interactive Educational Games 

    Games designed to keep interest and information retention. 

  • Course Quizzes

    Premium Course Quizzes

    These tests ensure your staff understands and retains information from each course. 


Content Created by a Cybersecurity Pioneer

All of our course material is created by well-known cybersecurity expert: Jim Stickley. Stickley has been involved in thousands of security services for financial institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, healthcare facilities, legal firms, and insurance companies. He's been featured on several programs like NBC's "The Today Show", CNN's "Newsnight", Anderson Cooper's "Anderson" and more. He's also the author of the book "The Truth about Identity Theft" and has been a consultant for various networks, including FOXnews, CBS, NBC and the Associated Press.

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TraceEDU Course List 

The following courses are included with TraceEDU and TracePhishing. They can be assigned per e-mail to users who fail a Phishing test. Courses that are marked 'premium' are only included with TraceEDU premium. This listing does not include quarterly courses added with TraceEDU premium.

  • TraceEDU

    Is that email attachment malware?

  • TraceEDU

    Phishing vs Spear Phishing

  • TraceEDU

    Remote social engineering (EMAIL)

  • TraceEDU

    Remote social Engineering (Phone Pretexting)

  • TraceEDU

    Remote Social Engineering (Trusted Vendor)

  • TraceEDU

    Remote Social Engineering Overview

  • TraceEDU

    Secure Web Browsing (Fake Sites)

  • TraceEDU

    Secure Web Browsing (Malware Awareness)

  • TraceEDU

    Security Threats Through Web Browsing

  • TraceEDU

    Social Media Security Concerns

  • TraceEDU

    Spear Phishing with Attachments ​

  • TraceEDU

    Taming the Email Beast

  • TraceEDU

    The Real Dangers of Phishing Links

  • TraceEDU Premium

    A Single Click Can Infect Your Company's Network

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Be Cautious When Posting Information on Social Media

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Clean Desk Security Guidelines

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Creating Strong Unique Passwords

  • TraceEDU Premium

    It Only Takes One Computer To Infect The Entire Company Network

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Locked Computer = Secure Computer

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Malicious Websites in Sheep's Clothing

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Not all Wifi is Created Equal

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Password Security Guidelines

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Physical Security Concerns

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Protecting Against On-site Social Engineering

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Protecting Confidential Information

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Protecting Confidential Information through Physical Security

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Protecting Personally Identifiable Information Online

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Remote Social Engineering (Phone Fraud)

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Risks Facing Every Employee

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Understand and Identify On-Site Social Engineering

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Understanding Confidential Informatoin

  • TraceEDU Premium

    Why Security Is Everyone's Responsibility

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