Red + Blue = Purple

Penetration Testing, also called Red Team Testing, is an important aspect of your information security program. The Red Team is the person or group attacking your IT environment attempting to gain access, whether that be a malicious attacker, or our team of analysts performing testing. While the penetration test identifies security gaps and how to fix them, would you be able to see malicious attacks happening in real time?

That's where your IT team, the Blue Team, comes in. Your Blue Team could consist of your IT department, IT MSP, outsourced SOC, or whoever maintains the security of your networks. In the event of an attack, your Blue Team should be alerted to any malicious activity by intrusion detection and prevention systems, firewalls, endpoint protection, system logs, etc.

A Purple Team Penetration Test involves collaboration between the Red and Blue teams to provide a comprehensive test of your networks' vulnerabilities. During the engagement, your security systems and staff react to real-world exploits and attack scenarios. As a result, our security analysts provide actionable recommendations and put your organization's valuable security investments to the test.

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