Test Your Human Firewall

With our social engineering engagements, we simulate how real attackers would deceive your employees to access sensitive company information. If you don't have a security awareness program in place, this is a great way to see where your employees stand and begin training based on the results. If you already train your employees in security awareness, our various social engineering engagements can help you test your program and make it even better.

What's Next?

Once you've tested your employees, it's important to perform security awareness training, especially for those that failed to follow any security policies you have in place. If there are any policies you haven't implemented, like an escort policy for onsite visitors, this is the perfect time to implement them and train all employees on new procedures.

  • Remote Testing Options:

    TracePhishing, our email phishing services that includes education courses through TraceEducation.

    TraceVishing, our phone call voice phishing, or "vishing" service.

    TraceSmishing, our SMS text message phishing, or "smishing" service.

  • Onsite Testing Includes:

    An analyst will test how easily a rogue person would enter your building, and once inside, they will try to access restricted areas and any sensitive information they can get their hands on.

    There is also opportunity to perform dumpster dives and USB drops.

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