A Healthy Approach to IT Security

Utilizing our deep knowledge of cybersecurity best practices, we have created a suite of services and software that can help you achieve your HIPAA compliance goals. With each engagement, you can expect:

Our Healthcare IT Solutions

We’ve leveraged years of experience in highly regulated industries to create solutions specific to healthcare organizations. These include independent third-party verification of controls, HIPAA Risk assessments, and even penetration testing.

  • External Security Assessment

    External Security Assessment

    Learn about the public exposure of your company and employees to reduce vulnerabilities.

  • Penetration Testing Including Medical Devices

    Penetration Testing Including Medical Devices

    An internal penetration test for healthcare organizations, including medical devices.

  • HIPAA Risk Assessment

    HIPAA Risk Assessment

    We identify your current security controls meant to mitigate risk to assess whether these cover the risks appropriately.

  • HIPAA IT Security Audit

    HIPAA IT Security Audit

    Validate your healthcare security controls and ensure that they work.



    We can provide guidance throughout the HITRUST self assessment and/or the validated assessment process to receive your HITRUST Certification.

  • Security Risk Assessment Tool

    TraceSRA Security Risk Assessment Tool

    Learn about your healthcare organization's cybersecurity preparedness.

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Reduce your digital footprint without breaking your budget with our External Security Assessment!

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