Red Team Testing is an advanced persistent threat engagement that simulates the malicious activity of a real-world attacker targeting your organization. A combination of penetration tests, social engineering attempts, and pivot attacks, our analysts use everything in their arsenal to find the weak points in your IT infrastructure.

Instead of performing separate security testing on the various aspects of your information security program, Red Team Testing presents one unified attack that builds on itself to compromise your organization as much as we can. To date, we consider this to be the most realistic test available.

Our Approach

Red Team Testing is designed to be an all-out attack using any weakness we find during testing. This could be leadership email addresses to be spoofed, insecure external networks, or dropping a malicious USB drive that an employee could plug into their internal device. How far we get into your IT infrastructure is all up to your organizational security, policies, and employees.

  • Reconnaissance


    Information gathering of employee names and contact information, online resources, and business information

  • Phishing


    Targeted phishing emails sent to your employees

  • Vishing


    Targeted vishing phone calls made to your employees

  • Smishing


    Targeted smishing text messages sent to your employees

  • Social Engineering

    Social Engineering

    Onsite attempts to access sensitive areas of your facility or networks

  • External Pen Testing

    External Pen Testing

    Manual attempts to exploit external resources

  • Internal Pen Testing

    Internal Pen Testing

    Manual attempts to compromise internal networks

  • Wireless Pen Testing

    Wireless Pen Testing

    Manual attempts to exploit wireless resources

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