Wireless Security

Wireless networks are becoming the standard for organizations as an easy way to get everyone connected. Going wireless, however, presents its own types of security challenges. TraceSecurity’s Wireless Assessment services give you a detailed look into the risks of your wireless setup through sophisticated attempts to gain access and compromise systems. At the end of the assessment, our team will give you actionable recommendations to make your wireless network more secure.

Our Approach

After determining the scope and rules of engagement, our team works with you to perform an external wireless scan, as well as analyzing and identifying different network attack vectors. Because our Wireless Assessment is a full-picture review of your network, we also do manual vulnerability testing and assess wireless device configurations, wireless policies, and wireless topology mapping. We’ll immediately notify you of any critical risks in advance of our comprehensive report.

We are now able to perform our Wireless Assessment & Penetration Test remotely by shipping you our proprietary testing device to allow us on-premise access to your wireless network(s).

Our Methodology

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