Response Plans

Your organization has various plans and procedures in place to handle incidents that affect business operations. These include things like a fire at your office, a cybersecurity attack, or even a global pandemic. Emergencies happen, and it's important to have plans in place for how to handle them and resume normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible. While having these plans in place is important, you also need to perform regular testing and updates to ensure they will function properly in the event of an incident.

How To Test Them

Tabletop testing involves the simulation of an incident, and a walkthrough with your response team of the documented procedures. During the test, our analyst walks you through a scenario and evaluates how your response team handles it. They'll note any missing parts of the plan, as well as areas for improvement.

Types of Tabletop Tests

TraceSecurity can perform tabletop testing on a variety of your company plans and procedures.

  • Business Continuity Plan

    Business Continuity Plan

    Continuing normal business operations following an incident

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

    Disaster Recovery Plan

    Recovery following a natural disaster or manmade incident

  • Incident Response Plan

    Incident Response Plan

    Recovery following a cybersecurity incident

  • Small Institution Tabletop Testing

    Small Institution Tabletop Testing

    Specially made tabletop tests for small organizations

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