Remove the Voice Vulnerability

Calls are becoming a more frequent way for bad-actors to gather sensitive information. They are harder to ignore than e-mails, and can make it easy to manipulate people through discussion. Get our Trace experts to simulate Vishing attempts and keep these attacks top-of-mind.

Emails Aren't The Only Problem

Would your employees give out sensitive information over the phone? As an addition to the TracePhishing, where we simulate phishing attacks via e-mail, our TraceVishing service simulates phishing via voice, or “vishing.” During a TraceVishing engagement, we work with you to determine the appropriate volume of calls, as well as areas you’d like to test. We then decide on the fictitious story our team will use and call your employees utilizing best practice scripts, leveraging our expertise in the field. A comprehensive report details any vulnerabilities we discover through vishing calls.

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