Phishing Through Texts

People are getting better and better at recognizing phishing attacks through email, but now attackers are starting to target your employees through their company cell phones using SMS text messages, or "smishing." Smishing is a threat to any mobile device, but the best targets are those associated with businesses since those tend to be tied to company systems and networks.

Our Solution

To test your employees against this type of attack, TraceSecurity will configure and send simulated smishing text messages to your employees with company phones. You provide us with the company cell phone numbers, and we handle the scheduling and distributions on our end. We provide you with comprehensive reports after each smishing campaign so you can see how well your employees are responding to smishing attacks. Smishing engagements can be configured to send as often as you'd like; whether it's yearly, quarterly, monthly, or custom scheduling.

Types of Smishing

Attackers will use any available avenue to perform reconnaissance and compromise credentials.

  • Shipping Tracking Information

    Shipping Tracking Information

    Posing as a shipping confirmation or tracking information message with malicious links

  • Bank Account Verifications

    Bank Account Verifications

    Typically urgent messages from your "bank" with a malicious link or phone number to follow

  • You Won!

    You Won!

    Unexpected text messages that say you won a contest or prize with a link to claim

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