Peter Stewart: Chairman & CEO

Pete Stewart is a seasoned, visionary software veteran with over 25 years of entrepreneurial and senior leadership experience in technology organizations ranging from start-ups, to high-growth companies, to large publicly traded corporations. A well-rounded CEO, he has hands-on experience in every major executive function, including strategic planning, sales and marketing operations and capital sourcing – and has consistently leveraged that experience to maximize shareholder value. Most important, Pete has demonstrated he can recognize the potential of disruptive technologies years ahead of the market – a vital talent in an industry where entire technology segments can rise from new ideas very rapidly. Cases in point are his pioneering work in security software and the security-as-a-service (SaaS) solution model.

This record of accomplishment makes him a prized speaker on a variety of issues facing cloud service providers, notably compliance and security controls. He is also a frequent featured speaker at high-visibility security, management and venture capital events around the globe. He has served on the boards of many nonprofits and technology startups, as well as on the Ethics Task Force for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and the Entrepreneur Commission for Governor Kathleen Blanco. He is currently a trustee of the Andreeff Charitable Foundation as well as an active member of the Golden Gate Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). In past years, Pete served with the Louisiana National Guard’s 239th Military Police Unit. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University. 

Pete co-founded TraceSecurity in 2004 and, under his leadership, the company launched TraceCSO, the first and only cloud-based IT governance, risk and compliance (IT-GRC) platform. This ground-breaking solution approach has made the complex and ever-evolving processes and practices of IT-GRC highly automated and much more manageable and affordable for corporations ranging from SMBs to large enterprises. Today, TraceSecurity supports security and risk management for more than 2,000 corporations across the spectrum of industries.  


Paul McCown: President & CFO

Paul McCown is an accomplished senior executive with proven performance in the roles of CFO, COO and CEO. For nearly two decades, he has guided a variety of high-technology companies with strategic financial planning and management, investor relations, corporate operations, mergers and acquisitions and public company credentials.

Paul’s broad executive experience gives him deep insight into how people, processes and money must be harmonized in complex and fast-moving technology industries. His understanding of these dynamics has made him an effective leader in companies of varying sizes and stages of maturation – and all of whom have faced unique competitive challenges.

Paul joined TraceSecurity as CFO and COO just as the economy began slipping into recession. He helped guide the company through the economic downturn and through the full gamut of technology and regulatory changes that have impacted the security and compliance arena since then. As the company has expanded its range of target industries and extended its sales model to incorporate expert partners, his leadership has been instrumental in maintaining TraceSecurity’s strong financial health and stability, as well as its impressive operational efficiency.


Dariel LeBoeuf: Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Dariel LeBoeuf is a sales and marketing executive with an exceptional depth of experience in the technology marketplace – both in business operations, as well as in the highly focused aspects of go-to-market planning and execution for complex IT security products. His more than 26 years in the industry are marked by stellar performance in product concept, development, launch and sales management. Dariel has been a key member of the committees created to drive strategic initiatives, including the creation and design of TraceCSO and the re-organizations of both the Sales and Delivery departments.

Dariel’s ability to develop and manage strategic initiatives has been a major factor in TraceSecurity’s growth. During his tenure, the company’s IT Security, Compliance and Risk Management business has expanded to more than 2,000 customer organizations. He served as the Executive Sponsor of the team that spearheaded the design, development and market launch of the groundbreaking TraceCSO platform, the company’s integrated cloud-based security and compliance solution. In addition, he was also responsible for the Go-to-Market strategy for TraceCSO and restructuring of the marketing department. In 2012, under Dariel’s leadership, TraceSecurity’s channel strategy and Partner Program were launched.

Dariel has proven to be a talented team builder and leader. In addition to staffing and successfully directing comprehensive marketing operations, he has led inside sales departments, as well as regional and national field sales teams. Prior to his current executive position at TraceSecurity, Dariel held various sales, sales management and product management positions at Tripwire, Symantec (SYMC) and Fifth Generation Systems – a fast-moving career punctuated by numerous sales and leadership awards.


Jason Wells: Vice President of Products and Customer Success 

For more than eight years, Jason Wells has been instrumental to redefining customer support and resource management at TraceSecurity. In our complex industry, the market must constantly react, not only to changing business practices, but also to ever-evolving threats and regulations. Jason continues to demonstrate an ability to develop teams, systems and best practices for aspects of customer support – including product delivery, training, documentation and technical support.

Jason has been a key member of the committees created to drive strategic initiatives, including the creation and design of TraceCSO and the re-organizations of both the Sales and Delivery departments. Jason has developed and managed strategic initiatives throughout the entire organization that have resulted in greater productivity, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. His achievements include streamlining the company’s project management process, reducing vendor rotation losses by half, significantly accelerating product deployment and customer training, as well as increasing both customer retention rates and contract value.

In addition to his history in support and administration, Jason is also an experienced attorney and financial management executive. Jason has served in the positions of Delivery Director, Director of Finance, and Corporate Legal Counsel at TraceSecurity. Prior to his corporate career, Jason was as an attorney with this corporate defense litigation law firm in Mobile, Alabama. Jason received his JD from Tulane University and holds a B.S. from the University of Alabama in Commerce and Business Administration with a major in Finance and a minor in Economics.


Ryan Castle: Vice President of Technology

Ryan Castle’s career has been a combination of software development, system administration and law enforcement. In addition to working with innovative security-focused technology companies, he served as an agent in the FBI, where he specialized in investigating complex computer crimes, including cyber-attacks and internet fraud. He possesses deep knowledge and skills in an array of computer languages, development platforms and operating system environments. He is seasoned in team building and project management across multiple disciplines, including software development, training, investigations and forensic examinations. This rich mixture of expertise and experience makes Ryan well-suited to play a strategic role in creating solutions that are effective in the ever-changing world of IT security and compliance.

As Vice President of Technology, Ryan is responsible for charting technological innovations for this leading IT security and compliance company. This involves the mapping of technology investments and product development initiatives to the organization’s long-term strategic vision, which is to maintain the market-leading position in automated IT GRC management solutions. Ryan works across the entire company and customer base to anticipate and address technological solutions for the next wave of security and compliance needs.