Our TracePhishing solution sends simulated phishing e-mails to your employees. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes customizable phishing templates, as well as the ability to schedule distributions and change distribution groups. Unlike other Phishing Simulator tools, TracePhishing can be a fully managed solution. Leverage TraceSecurity’s years of expertise to ensure that the simulated phishing engagements are ‘real-world’ engagements: test against what the bad guys are actually doing.

Let us handle the scheduling and distribution of phishing e-mails, as a one-time engagement or quarterly. We’ll then send you a comprehensive report detailing out areas of improvement and recommendations. This is all done without you committing your resources to managing the effort, ensuring that employees in the organization remain vigilant to potential threats.

A Managed Solution

Our solution leverages Trace’s cybersecurity experts to make sure your employees are being thoroughly tested. You can sit back and we’ll get you yearly or quarterly reports to track progress over time.

Raise Cybersecurity Awareness

Since these simulated phishing e-mails can be sent to employees at any time, it keeps them on their toes and aware of true threats.

Customized for your organization

The e-mail templates included are fully customizable, and we will work with you to create simulated phishing campaigns that are the most relevant to your organization.

Integrates with TraceEDU

By combining TracePhishing and TraceEDU, your employees can be sent training as soon as they fail a phishing test.