IT Security Audit Findings & Recommendations

By Katie Gaiennie, Information Security Analyst

TraceSecurity performs over 400 IT security audits each year to assist our customers with IT compliance and validation of security controls. Through these engagements, we notice trends on the controls that are regularly missed, or marked as "unimplemented." Information Security Analyst Katie Gaiennie discusses the top findings from our 2021 IT audit services, with recommendations on how to get ahead for 2022 and beyond.

Katie Gaiennie, Information Security Analyst

Katie started at TraceSecurity as an Associate ISA for Team Atlas which focuses on vulnerability assessments and remote social engineering engagements. This work provided her with a firm foundation in cybersecurity fundamentals that she has now pivoted into an ISA position. As an ISA, Katie works on risk assessments, IT audits, penetration testing, and compliance reviews. She has earned a NCSF-CFM certification and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Information Technology Management from Louisiana State University.

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