Remote Social Engineering

By Gavin Debetaz & Justin Brose, Information Security Analysts

Remote social engineering continues to be one of the biggest ways that attackers will target and compromise organizations. Do you know how well your employees would hold up against these attacks? Learn more about how to keep your employees vigilant against phishing, vishing, and smishing attacks.

Gavin Debetaz, Information Security Analyst

Gavin has been honing his cybersecurity testing skills with TraceSecurity for over 4 years. Starting as an Associate Information Security Analyst, he focused on performing penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, phishing, and vishing engagements. Once promoted to a full-time Information Security Analyst, Gavin now also performs IT security audits and onsite social engineering tests. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Louisiana State University and currently holds a certification in Security+.

Justin Brose, Information Security Analyst

Justin started at TraceSecurity as a part of the Associate Information Security Analyst Team where he focused on external penetration tests and vulnerability assessments, as well as remote social engineering. Since being promoted to a full-time ISA, he has taken on more intense penetration testing projects for both internal and external networks. Justin graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Decision Science and has earned certifications in eJPT, CompTIA Security+, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and SAFe Scrum Master.