Social Engineering 101

By Kevin Ivy, Security Solutions Engineer

Social engineering attacks come in many forms, and your employees need to know how to recognize them. Human error is the cause of the vast majority of cybersecurity breaches, so being able to recognize and avoid these attacks can truly make the difference in your information security. Security Solutions Engineer Kevin Ivy discusses the various types of social engineering, some real-life scenarios, and prevention best practices.

Kevin Ivy, Security Solutions Engineer

With over 17 years of experience in IT and Information Security, Kevin has been a great asset to TraceSecurity as an Information Security Analyst, Security Solutions Engineer, and now Director of Security Services. His areas of expertise include Systems Administration, IT Risk Management, Penetration Testing, and Network Engineering. He has performed all of our services, including risk assessments, IT audits, penetration tests, and more. As Director, he manages a team of 28+ Information Security Analysts in the development and execution of TraceSecurity services. Kevin also holds an associate degree in Information Technology from ITI Technical College.

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