Solution Overview

A solid educational program is a foundation of any cybersecurity awareness initiative. TraceEDU is a comprehensive online training suite focused on cybersecurity that contains multiple security education courses. These courses feature content produced by cybersecurity experts and new courses are added quarterly to keep the training current.

TraceEDU works best as part of a greater security awareness program, and is a core part of our solutions. It connects with TracePhishing, so that employees that fail a phishing test can immediately be assigned appropriate training on the subject. We can also manage the program for you, providing comprehensive reporting with all solutions, so that your organization doesn’t need to allocate additional staff or resources.

Here's how it works: Once you sign up for TraceEDU, we will work with you to input your employees into the system, and assign the appropriate courses. The topics of these courses range from 'Secure Web Browsing' to 'Protecting Confidential Information' to Idenfiying malware via e-mail attachments. Every quarter, we will provide new educational courses for your organization to complete and then provide a comprehensive report along with security education recommendations.

TraceEDU provides the Following:

Security Education Courses

  • New courses provided quarterly
  • Fully customizable to support your organizations initatives

Security Awareness Articles

  • Articles that cover recent security events and concerns
  • Assists with keeping users up to date on relevant cybersecurity threats

Interactive Educational Games

  • Games designed to keep interest and information retention

Course Quizzes

  • Tests to ensure your staff understands and retains information from the courses

Comprehensive Reporting

  • See who’s completed the training, who still needs to complete the training, and which questions are the most missed
  • Measure the effectiveness of your security awareness program