TraceCSO: Compare Us

We've compiled a list of items that can help you compare TraceCSO to other potential solutions.

  • Comprehensive & Integrated Solution

    Comprehensive & Integrated Solution

    TraceCSO incorporates all of the functional areas necessary to evaluate, create, implement and manage a risk-based information security program.

  • Some Assembly Required

    Some Assembly Required

    Most of today's commercial solutions specialize in one or two aspects of an information security program, which results in significant cost and time to implement and manage a complete and ongoing program.

  • Ease of Use and Built-In Expertise

    Ease of Use and Built-In Expertise

    TraceCSO's user-friendly interface provides step-by-step guides that allow both security experts and novices to implement and manage a risk-based information security program.

  • Expertise Required

    Expertise Required

    Current market solutions are built for organizations that have dedicated, enterprise-level IT resources and experts who manage the enormous amount of manual tasks and data that are generated from disparate systems.

  • Practical for Organizations of All Sizes

    Practical for Organizations of All Sizes

    By reducing the burden of managing a complete risk-based information security program, TraceCSO enables all organizations, regardless of size, to implement practical Information Security solutions that fit each organization's unique needs.

  • Enterprise Only Solutions

    Enterprise Only Solutions

    Most current market solutions do not provide expert guidance for effective controls and do not offer practical solutions for small to medium sized companies who do not have dedicated Information Security personnel.

  • Personalized Customer Support

    Personalized Customer Support

    TraceSecurity's support staff provide fast, personalized solutions to customers who experience problems with TraceCSO. The cost of support is built into your subscription, so you will never have to "upgrade" or pay additional fees for technical support services.

  • Automated Customer Support

    Automated Customer Support

    Many current market solutions offer automated, impersonal customer support that often times result in additional costs, long wait times, or ineffective solutions to customer issues.

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