1. How do I Contact support?

    The TraceCSO Support team can be contacted by emailing support@tracesecurity.com. In addition to software support, TraceSecurity's certified security analysts are available to consult with your organization and help you make the best security decisions. If you need help during the installation and setup process, please contact your Customer Service Manager.

  2. What kind of control do I have over my information if it lives in a cloud-based system?

    Information needed to run TraceCSO does not generally include private data, such as data typically covered by privacy laws and customer or intellectual property. Private information is never automatically gathered and stored in TraceCSO. Users always remain in control of their private data.

  3. Will I need to purchase additional software in order to fully utilize TraceCSO?

    TraceCSO is a comprehensive solution that does not require any additional thirty-party software. However, if your organization has a preferred point solution such as a vulnerability scanner, TraceCSO supports third-party integration of some third-party vulnerability scanning solutions.

  4. How much security and compliance experience or expertise do I need to operate TraceCSO?

    TraceCSO is built for both information security novices and experts. The platform is embedded with inherent security and compliance knowledge that allows staff who are not security and compliance experts to access and contribute to the overall information security program. Robust wizards help reduce and eliminate the need for expert in-house IT security staff.